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Elena Reient
It's great to look at the ocean and understand that you can draw it. Eugène Delacroix

About myself:

  • National Technical University of Ukraine
  • The Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • Ann Dahno's Art School
  • Victor Kaverin's Art Studio

I was born and live in Kiev, Ukraine.
My life is governed by two passions - painting and Tai chi. Painting allows me to be free and brave, while from Tai chi, which I have been practicing for more than ten years, I draw tranquility and balance. In my works I strive to capture grace and beauty of ordinary everyday objects that surround us. My goal as an artist is to translate to the medium of canvas the charm of the instance using the language of colour, be it a bouquet of flowers or an aeroplane poised for takeoff.

Natural lighting itself is the centrepiece of my paintings. The splendour and grace of colours and shapes in nature, the very quirks of lighting provide me with inspiration. My medium of choice is chiefly oil on canvas; most works are made using the ‘alla prima’ technique, imbuing them with expressiveness allows nicely for translating the state of freedom unto the canvas. My style is based around pallet knife strokes against translucent paint on rough-grained canvas, enhancing the result with texture and glister. My works can be found in private collections across Ukraine, Canada and Russia. One particular painting of mine has been selected for inclusion in the collection of the Ukrainian Visual Arts Museum.

Всеукраинская художественная выставка "Праздничный натюрморт"
22 mar -
21 mar 2021
Всеукраинская Рождественская выставка
18дек -
31 янв 2020
Культурно-художественный проект: Художники Киева - родному городу.
17мая -
26 мая 2019
Всеукраинская выставка ко Дню Независимости Украины.
14 авг -
26 авг 2018
Christmas exebition
22 dec -
14 jan 2018
Artist day exebition 2017
7 oct -
22 oct 2017
Всеукраинская выставка "Мальовнича Україна"/
18 мая -
30 мая 2017
Talent Energy Fest
28 Dec -
11 Jan 2017
National Artis Day Exhibtion
25 oct -
6 nov 2016

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