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Elena Reient
It's great to look at the ocean and understand that you can draw it. Eugène Delacroix

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Oil/Canvas 50 x 70

Juicy coloring is the first thing that the viewer notices in this picture. The expression of coral and turquoise colors creates harmony and integrity of opposites. Enjoyment of color is the main idea laid down by the artist.



Oil/Canvas 80 x 50

Blooming branch as a symbol of eternity and rebirth. Trees bloomed for millions of years before us and will bloom for millions of years after us. The coral background and the bright blue of the plate contrast with each other and dominate the whole picture: hot and cold, yin and yang with white flowers combine these opposites with tenderness and affection. Thick strokes of paint create a distinctly textured surface. To enhance the texture of the flowers and their interaction with sunlight, a palette knife was used to create this painting.

Juicy still life

Juicy still life

Oil/Canvas 60 x 70

Juicy still life is made in warm autumn colors. Ripe chili peppers and a lush bouquet of autumn flowers create a cozy homely atmosphere. The sun's rays falling from the window fill the picture with soft light. The scent of autumn flowers is in the air. The picture is painted with a palette knife and a brush.

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